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Down East Animal Refuge - Scotland Neck North Carolina

"Every Animal Needs A Forever Home"

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Our Mission

The mission of Down East Animal Refuge (DEAR) is to improve the conditions and health of animals by rescuing strays and feral animals, promoting humane treatment and responsibile pet ownership methodically throiugh education, the law, and fostering compassion for all animals.


Down East Animal Refuge was incorperated in the state of North Carolina in November 2003 and is referred to as DEAR. The purpose of DEAR is to create a compassionate community where there are no more stray, abandoned, and neglected animals - where euthanasia is not always necessary. DEAR will provide veterinary services in a region of North Carolina at affordable rates. DEAR is also registered with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization. Tax ID provided upon request.


DEAR meetings take place on every second Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the Scotland Neck Memorial Library, Scotland Neck, NC. Public is invited to attend and participate.


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DEAR In Honor and Memory Page


Down East Animal Refuge would like to present a way to honor or memorialize your pet permanently. We launched this special page in 2009 with our first Thanksgiving Pet Luminaria and Stew fundraiser. We will post In Honor and In Memorial for pets for each 2013 donation received. DEAR will gladly accept digital images of the pets who their owners want to post here.




DEAR Community Calendar



  • UPDATE- Sorry for the last minute notice on this one. We have had to cancel the Fish Fry fundraiser that was originally scheduled for November 14th. This was due to scheduling conflicts. We will continue to plan on having our first fish fry of 2014 in April. Meanwhile, keep the shelter and the animals in your thoughts during this busy holiday season. All the best to you and your family.



DEAR Contact Information

Mailing address:

Post Office Drawer 365

Scotland Neck North Carolina USA 27874

Office Voice Mail - (252) 813-1649

Rehoming Info - (252) 813-1649

General Information: (252) 813-1649

DEAR always accepts donations, ticket sales, and advance food sales payments through PayPal.



Down East Animal Refuge

Re-Homing Information

Anyone interested in rehoming our dogs must have a fenced in yard or a kennel. Contact DEAR at (252) 813-1649 or by DEAR Email for more information. Full re-homing information on all 40 dogs at the DEAR facility can be found on both this website. And, if you see a dog you are interested in, you can also download a rehoming application here.

Visit our Facebook page to see additional animal facility dog photos


Toby Finds His True Home

We adopted Toby, the cutie on the left in the picture, in May '09.
We already had 2 dogs & he would be our 3rd. Little did we know we
would lose our precious lab several days later. Toby was sent to us for a reason. He helped all of us through that difficult time, including Logan- pictured on the right. Toby immediately became Logan's best friend. They love each other more than I've ever seen two dogs love one another. They play very hard every day & do their share of cuddling at night. Toby has brought us nothing but joy & entertainment & we couldn't imagine being without him. Thank you DEAR for Toby!
Jamie & Dave Ferris of Virginia Beach




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DEAR Rescues Near Starving Pit Bull


Down East Animal Refuge's rescue efforts never stop. DEAR recently rescued this young, male Pit Bull, who  was emaciated and in poor health. The dog was also covered in diesel fuel when he came into the animal facility in mid-July. The new dog quickly took up his new home inside DEAR's puppy pens, The first step in getting "Diesel" back to full health was to get him to the vet. He has since returned to his new home and is getting used to his new canine neighbors. Diesel is friendly, always hungry, and always wants to play. It will be some time before this young dog is back to the weight he should be at. We gladly will accept donations that will go to getting dogs like Diesel back to full health. DEAR's has over 40  dogs in their Scotland Neck Animal Facility who are looking for their forever home. Please visit the rehoming link listed at the top of the page if you would like to see who we have available  for rehoming. 





DEAR's Newest Canine Resident




Another new canine has taken up residence at the DEAR animal facility in Scotland Neck over the first weekend of August. This is a female Pit Bull puppy. She is getting some medical attention for the skin problem on her back and she  seems to favor her left hind leg. She currently has no name. She is very happy to be in out of the weather and getting a good meal each day. She has shown no aggression and only wishes to play with the four other residents of the puppy pen. You can make a donation to DEAR if you wish to take care of our new puppy. Both members and dogs alike will appreciate a donation of any amount.




Buster and Barney's Great Adventure


Two of DEAR's dogs, Buster and Barney, recently got what all dogs strive for, a forever home. Several weeks ago, people from Nantucket, Massachusetts, had shown an interest in Barney, a Mastiff mix and DEAR's largest dog. Paperwork was sent, returned, and processed. Folks from Nantucket agreed to travel to Scotland Neck to pick up Barney and transport him to his new home.


The big day arrived on Tuesday, January 15. Two DEAR members met the rehomers that morning for breakfast and then headed to DEAR to pick up Barney. A little time was spent getting Barney familiar with his new owners. Another surprise when they had also decided to rehome Barney's little pal, Buster, a small mixed terrier.

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Harley's Home in Virginia

Updated on December 4, 2010:

Two years ago on August 28, 2008 our family drove over to your Mother's home to visit as you were in town. You had brought from Scotland Neck, an 18 month old yellow lab girl for us to meet. She had been thrown away on the side of the road, chained to her dog house with a note that said, "My name is Harley". The vet said Harley had had a litter of puppies when she was just a puppy herself. She tested positive for heartworms and only weighed 30 pounds.
Today, this wonderful, loving, sweet girl has been a member of our family for over 2 years. We could not begin to imagine our life without our "Harley Girl". Our older lab, Dubyah, and Harley became best friends from their very first meeting. They play, run, swim and sleep together every night. They have a certain time every evening when they "groom" each other. Harley also loves her kitty, Kramer. She makes sure his face is washed every morning!
Harley just had her annual check up with the vet and we are rejoicing as she now tests negative for heartworms! Her health is perfect!
I have attached a few photos so you can see what a happy girl she is.
We will always be grateful to you and DEAR for the tireless, loving work you all do to make the world a better place for animals down on their luck and looking for their forever homes.
We are so thankful Harley is ours.
Ron and Cheryl McLean
Virginia Beach, VA

By George, I'm Home

We are doing fine with George. George never barked in the beginning when we brought him home. We wondered if we had gotten the right dog as we needed one that barked. He has finally started barking and barks ateveryone.
He acts like he is protecting his property for sure!
He was scared of everything and everyone but has gotten better about that. He still gets in his house when the airplanes are flying which sometimes is a lot. He loves to go for walks out in the back of ourproperty. C.E. wanted to try to catch him running on camera - he is so
funny. We have gotten him so that he can be let off his line and thatway he just runs and runs and then will come back to you. He hasn't
strayed off the property at this point. He usually comes right back tohis house or comes to the back door for me to let him in.

The picture
with George in the field of clover was back in the summer and the otherswere just 3 weeks ago. Just had him to the vet for his rabies and othershots and they say he is fine - weighs about 75 lbs. When C.E. comesinto the living room and sets down in his recliner George thinks he hasto be petted continuously - pushes his head under C.E.'s arm until hewill rub him. Last winter he chewed on a chair leg which we didn'tsee until it was already one. He has wet a couple times but seems to bebetter about that now. He is not like the dog we had which would justlay and sleep first thing in the morning but George has to taken outpretty quick. We are enjoying him - he is so different from our other dog. He sounds like he is crying when I come home from work.

Janice Harris